Webflow Expert: Hire the Best or Become an Expert Yourself

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This how-to guide is intended for two purposes.

Firstly, it provides essential guidance for those seeking a reliable Webflow expert to help them build a Webflow website and establish a strong online presence.

Secondly, it offers assistance to individuals aspiring to become proficient Webflow experts.

If you're new to web development, it makes sense to start with the basics—but if you already know the basics, a certain amount of information we provided in this post will set you apart from your competitors.

Let's start.


  • Webflow experts build complex websites for businesses of various sizes by demonstrating technical expertise, best practices, and a mixed set of skills.
  • Freelancers or agencies must apply for the Webflow Expert Program and provide reliable information and sources of their work in order to become Webflow experts.
  • Subscribing to the Webflow agency's plans eliminates the need for complex hiring procedures and overhead costs.

What is a Webflow Expert?

A Webflow expert is a highly skilled individual who has obtained a Webflow Experts Certificate and uses Webflow platform to build websites. The certificate demonstrates the proficiency of a certified Webflow specialist in utilizing the Webflow platform for web design, development, optimization, and website maintenance.

Please note: A team of Webflow experts usually consists of designers, developers, and even content producers proficient in Webflow SEO.

Webflow experts can help people quickly transform their ideas into web projects. With their agile mindset and execution-oriented approach, they can build a robust online presence for various clients to accomplish their personal or business goals.

What is the Job Description of a Webflow Expert?

A Webflow expert proficient in web development needs to have advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS, and Javascript.

On the other hand, a Webflow specialist with design or SEO expertise must have a keen eye for UX/UI design and a decent knowledge of search engine optimization.

At least 2+ years of experience working as a designer, full-stack developer, and even as an SEO specialist is a plus.

Webflow expertise opens up a wide range of career opportunities. You can work in Webflow agencies, marketing agencies, in-house teams, or as a freelance specialist.

Webflow experts must understand the values of businesses and organizations they work with and execute them into pixel-perfect Webflow websites. With a high level of craft, their job is to showcase their technical knowledge based on the client's requirements.

A table depicting the responsibilities of a Webflow expert, including design, development, and SEO optimization.

They also contribute to complex website projects for businesses of various sizes by providing technical expertise and best practices.

Now, let's see how to hire the best Webflow professionals.

Hire a Webflow Expert: 5 Essential Steps

You want to hire a Webflow expert, and you've probably searched for "Webflow expert," "Webflow services," or "Webflow agency" and found some reliable sources from the top search results.

However, it's important to note that alongside established Webflow experts and agencies, there is a continual emergence of new talents with years of experience in the field.

Below, you'll find some crucial factors you should have in mind when hiring a professional or a whole team of Webflow experts.

1. Step: Define Your Project Objectives

Design and development work is more than just thinking about how your website will look like. Besides visual components, it requires UI testing and thinking about how users will use it.

Even though you might not have the experience or time to design it yourself or the budget to hire a senior full-time designer, you must clearly outline your website goals. And eventually, scale your web design needs up or down.

Taking this into account will help you decide whether to work with those who offer more affordable pricing, including a Webflow professional partner or a Webflow freelancer.

To understand the differences more broadly, read our article on website design and development services.

Once you've defined your goals, you can dive into research.

2. Step: Evaluate Past Webflow Projects

Your next step is to check out the latest projects of your potential Webflow professional.

See if your desired Webflow expert is cooperating with the businesses in the same niche as you are and if the related work aligns with your project objectives.

Because the Webflow partner you choose to work with must understand your:

  • business essence
  • the market reality
  • target audience
  • results you want to achieve

The project will go smoother if both parties understand each other and share the same objectives. And remember to always give feedback and be transparent about your goals.

3. Step: Check out Terms, Values, and Work Ethics

Project scope, deliverables, timelines, payment politics — all those factors are essential for mutual success before proceeding with Webflow projects.

Here is a great example of how Webflow experts express their values and work ethics.

A table showcasing how Webflow experts demonstrate their values and work ethics.

Note: Don't forget to check out general terms.

A screenshot showcasing general terms of service.

4. Step: Explore the Pricing Structure

Gone are the days of high costs per team member now that Webflow experts are on the scene.

You can experience the convenience of instant plug-and-play solutions and the flexibility to scale up or down. Unlike the unpredictable costs of freelancers and in-house teams, Webflow agencies typically offer plans with a flat monthly fee and no hidden costs.

No more headaches of hiring freelancers or dealing with unreliable agencies.

With the Webflow team, you gain access to a comprehensive skill set in no time. And the subscription-based model offers unlimited freedom.

However, it's important to note that subscription pricing structures may vary among Webflow agencies, so be sure to review them carefully before making any decisions.

5. Step: Explore Types of Weblow Services

It's essential to explore solutions and services offered by Webflow experts.

Consider our Webflow team as an example. With over a decade of experience collaborating with teams of all sizes, we've encountered numerous stories of frustration stemming from inaccurate project estimates and unexpectedly high hourly invoicing.

In response, we've developed a worry-free solution aimed at providing each of our clients with peace of mind, eliminating the need for hiring procedures, benefits, and overhead costs.

We've designed plug-and-play options that grant you access to a powerhouse team, ensuring you have top-notch professionals working on your projects for as long as you need. Our approach prioritizes continuous improvement until you're fully satisfied with the results.

So, this gives you direct influence over the design process.

Now that you're familiar with the types of services you can receive from reliable Webflow experts, it's time to open up the next chapter.

Let's take a deeper look at how to become a Webflow expert.

Become a Webflow Expert: 4 Essential Steps

Interested in learning how to build your new career path and become a Webflow expert?

No worries, it's normal to transition from one career to a new one.

If you want a new challenge to get out of the rut or to exceed your design knowledge and dive into Webflow development, we can help.

Please note: There are two categories of Webflow experts, including enterprise partners and professional partners. Webflow Team

Webflow professional partners provide services to SMBs and mid-market customers, while enterprise partners offer Webflow services to larger enterprise customers.

If you find yourself falling in one of these categories, keep on reading.

1. Step: Learn Low Coding Fundamentals

Yes, Webflow is categorized as a no-code platform. But having a basic understanding of coding, including an understanding of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and JavaScript will help you create more robust websites.

Think of it this way: knowing how to code can unlock the full potential of Webflow.

It's like accessing its pro version.

The best part is that Webflow University is a place filled with remarkable lessons, and it's free!

From courses, in-depth documentation, testing programs, and interactive learning — Webflow helps you grasp concepts quickly.

2. Step: Apply for the Webflow Expert Program

The Webflow Experts program is designed for active freelancers and agencies who service clients and build on Webflow.

To become a Webflow Expert, applicants must provide:

A table showcasing how to apply to the Webflow Expert Program.

Once Webflow Team receives your application, they will respond within 1-2 weeks max.

Please ensure to avoid the following before applying to increase your chances of acceptance:

  • Don't link to sites that you built using Webflow Templates (if any)
  • Don't link to sites that aren’t real client sites built on Webflow (if any)
  • Don't link to the site layouts that are too simplistic or basic (if any)
  • Don't link to sites that contain low-quality, non-optimized images, iconography or poor visual hierarchy (if any)
  • Don't link to sites that are not accessible (if any)
  • Ensure that your web development portfolio is displayed on a flawless site

If you follow these practices, you'll have more chances to obtain a Webflow Expert Certification!

To leverage your knowledge, taking advantage of relevant courses, like those in the Webflow University, is also a way to help you advance your chances of passing the Webflow experts certification exam.

3. Step: Become a Part of Webflow Community

It's important to note that Webflow experts must be committed to lifelong learning to stay on top of changes in Webflow environment.

To stay informed and get updates about Weblow, you need to join the Webflow community. You can also level up your knowledge with live streams and discover new stories from Webflow experts worldwide.

A screenshot showcasing the Webflow Community official page.

From local meetings, workshops, and online events (in person or online) to essential resources and podcasts, you are able to learn everything you need about Webflow.

An informative infographic showcasing how to become an active Webflow community member.

4. Step: Go Beyond Your Limits

The best results often come to us when we approach things from a less obvious angle while putting in more effort. This is what separates the most ambitious people, but it comes with practice.

Here are more tips on how to become a Webflow expert.

An informative infographic showcasing how to become a Webflow expert that goes beyond limits.
  • Master problem-solving process: along with a deep understanding of web development, you must master how to approach problems.

That's what makes a true Webflow specialist.

Don't be afraid to provide a narrative of your thought process and challenges you were trying to tackle when communicating with your clients. Showing background on how your projects were created will help deepen your clients’ appreciation for your work.

  • Have a mixed skill set: a mixture of education, technical skills and soft skills is a plus.

A core job responsibility is one thing, but having soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, helpfulness, and open-mindedness, is another thing.

So, writing code is one piece of the puzzle — but when you've taken the time to work on your interpersonal skills and analyze what went wrong — it is when all the pieces fall into place.
  • Nurture the potential of self-growth: always nurture and grow your skill of self-learning.

Let's be honest: We cannot progress if we don't move through our self-doubts. And that’s the moment when we start to value our mistakes through the self-learning process.

For example, if you fail to program the appearance of the web page, that will certainly expand your ability to derive new, fresh ideas or dig deep to solve the problem.

Perhaps you are not so fluent in responsive design to ensure that the experience is seamless across all screen sizes. This scenario will definitely encourage you to research and learn more about building responsive web pages.


Yes, it's not easy to hire an expert. Neither to become one.

But hopefully, we helped you acquire new tips on how to do it properly.

Now let's revise the whole point behind this post.

For those looking to hire Webflow experts: Before proceeding with Webflow projects, be sure to define your goals and evaluate recent projects built by Webflow experts, project scope, deliverables, timelines, and payment politics.

For those aspiring to become Webflow experts: With a grasp of the basics in coding languages and a foundation of programming skills, you're ready to begin building Webflow sites. As you go, you'll gain experience not only using the Webflow platform but also mastering the art of self-growth.

Best of luck!

You ask. We answer.

How many coding languages should I know using Webflow?

It's essential to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages for Webflow development. Moreover, knowing the functionality of CSS, GSAP, or a similar advanced library comes in handy when building complex animations.

What if I fail to obtain Webflow expert certification?

If you change the perspective of failure and overcome your fear, you'll soon realize that failure is key to success. We're sure that once you fail, you’ll understand what you did wrong, and the next time you apply, success will come.

Remember that you can take each exam up to three times. Or two times if you fail the first time. Also, make sure to check out Webflow Experts Course and read the tips we provided in this article before proceeding with your application.

Should I hire a Webflow freelancer or a Webflow agency?

Depending on your project requirements, you should make an informed choice. However, we advise you to spend your budget on a Webflow development agency since it's more reliable than a freelance web designer regarding meeting project deadlines, predictable costs, and high-quality work.

It doesn't matter whether you need logo design or a more comprehensive service, Webflow agency is undeniably the best choice.

Make sure to contact us to learn and unlock all Webflow benefits.

How much is a Webflow expert?

According to ZipRecruiter, there is a difference between a Webflow designer's and a Webflow developer's salary.

The average monthly pay for a Webflow Designer in the U.S. is $4,110 /month. On the other hand, the average monthly pay for a Webflow Developer in the U.S. is $6,817 /month. This means that developers, on average, earn plus $2707.

However, these costs can vary, especially if you hire a whole team of Webflow experts.

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