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We craft high-end quality web design solutions, ensuring that your marketing website becomes a dream destination, not a quick stopover.

Best web design agency

Designing yourclear path to success

We combine the simplicity and effectiveness of design that not only looks good but also propels your business forward. We go beyond the surface by creating designs that align seamlessly with who you are and what you want to become.

Harnessing the design power

Every design, executed with a thoughtful approach, has the power to bring about expansive changes. We create web designs that transform your online presence into one worth remembering.

Crafting originality, not spontaneity

Our relentless pursuit of perfection is the cornerstone of our design strategy. Yet mistakes are our stepping stones to insights. We establish our why, land the insight, and bring your vision to life.

Web design and development

Our web design process



We kick off by investing time in learning about you, your goals, and your competition. Based on the insights gathered, a design brief aligns expectations and sets measurable goals.



Our discovery phase paves a clear path, so we focus on one solution, fully exploring its potential. Then, we present a breakdown of our decisions and how the design functions.



By working linearly, with upfront research and clear communication, we efficiently hit the mark and take your project further. Any design tweaks needed beyond are usually minor.

Packed with benefits

Nube’s approach

Predictable pricing

We grow when you do, partners all the way. Therefore, we ensure your costs are consistent. No hidden fees, no shocks.

Unmatched flexibility

Your reliable partner for both short-term goals and long-term achievements. Always ready to morph into a team you require.

Expert Lead

Nothing but a stellar workforce. Webflow-certified developers and battle-tested designers make up 100% of our team.

Rapid speed

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver rapid results without compromising quality.

Almost instantaneous

No contracts,  no fuss. We start as soon as you are subscribed and set up—without delay.

Streamlined coms

New requests and updates are just a message away on Signal or Figma comments.

Web design services

Web design services to unlock your hidden potential

We combine strategic foresight and creative ingenuity to deliver impactful digital solutions. Our web design strategy goes deeper — from selecting the perfect color tones to obsessing over user interactions — all geared towards boosting your sales.

Partner with Nube

Mobile app design

Experience the benefits of mobile app designs meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. We ensure longevity and adaptability, meeting your evolving needs effortlessly.

UI design
Wireframing & visualization
Mobile app architecture
Style guide
Mobile optimization

Product design

Define a clear product vision with us, supported by a roadmap for innovation. Establish a robust foundation for sustained digital growth and continuous product evolution.

Product design
Product research
Data & user analysis
Product lifecycle management
User journey mapping
Testing and validation

MVP design

Each MVP design we create serves a specific purpose, whether it's a minimum viable product for a tech startup or an MVP for entrepreneurs and product development teams.

MVP product design
MVP logo design
Detailed MVP approach
Marketing design
User persona creation
Visual mood boarding

Don’t just take our word for it

Jaime Deverall image
The whole team at Nube were incredibly impressive throughout the process of redesigning our brand and launching our website. I was especially impressed with the team's ability to digest our thoughts and feedback and then come back with an iterated wire frame or mock-up within a few days. I've worked with previous agencies in the past, and what differentiates Nube is that they seem to understand exactly what you want without needing to hand hold them. When it finally came time to building the website, the staging version came back within a week, which was super fast compared to my experience with other agencies. Overall, I strongly recommend working with Nube and am happy to chat with anybody interested in working with them.
Jaime Deverall
Co-founder & CTO
Tim Hoefnagel image
“Nube helped us migrate our corporate website into Webflow. They were great in communication and willing to go the extra mile. Would recommend their services to anyone!”
Tim Hoefnagel
Max Lu image
“They were detailed, attentive, and communicated elaborately throughout the entire design process. Even when met with tight deadlines and a difference in timezone, the project was executed within the discussed deadline.”
Max Lu
Aleksandar Đurić image
“One of the best people I ever had a chance to collaborate with. Easygoing, highly skilled, and driven. It's a pleasure to work with the team!”
Aleksandar Đurić
Product lead
Erik de Kock image
"Nube is a highly understanding partner in web(flow) development. They quickly grasp the priorities at hand and deliver according to expectations. They are very friendly in communication and always punctual. It was a pleasure working with them."
Erik de Kock
Product Marketing Manager
Jaime Deverall image
As a result of the success of Flychain, we continued to partner up with Nube for another project. It's just great to work with experts who understand your business and are able to complete the Webflow project on time. A special shoutout to Stefan whose responsiveness and high technical knowledge stood out. He went above and beyond, offering a level of commitment that truly sets his agency apart. Nube is definitely the fastest and most professional so far. If you are looking for a team to finish your Webflow site - this is your place to be. I would recommend their service to any startup 100%.
Jaime Deverall

Ready to reshape your business growth?

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You ask. We answer.

A web designer conceptualizes website ideas, creates responsive webpages, and conducts testing to continually improve designs. The best website is the one that not only looks good but also increases % of conversions, web traffic, and sales.

Web design is not easy to learn. Yet great design requires both skills and talent. It’s a process that takes time and patience. Moreover, a web design course can be expensive. Creating websites that work and look good requires a lot of knowledge and experience. And learning how to use design software takes years of research and training, while managing a business and website at the same time is daunting.

Luckily, you've got a better option - our agency. At Nube, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional design because we've got one of the best web design teams.

Depending on the development platform, web design requires coding and low-coding experience or doesn't require coding at all. Dedicated web developers typically convert the designs into code. But today's low-code platforms allow developers to deliver technically feasible design without extensive coding knowledge.

For example, designers and developers who use Webflow as their ultimate website builder, use custom coding features or don’t use code at all. On the other hand, those who use WordPress or Drupal must have extensive coding knowledge.

First off, a good web design agency must have an intuitive and good-looking website. In the same way, your hairdresser needs to have a good haircut.

Secondly, consider if a digital agency has experience with brands in your niche. Familiarity with the industry’s trends is essential to add more value to your business website.

Thirdly, check the pricing page to see if their services fit your budget. If not, check the FAQs section or read the whole text on the web page to see if they offer some discount or flexible pricing model.

Once, you’ve done all these steps, contact your web design firm. See if you can get an affordable solution. And don’t forget to check their portfolio and find some of the best web design examples.

Even though web design jobs are expected to grow, more and more people are going to choose design subscription services. The reason? They offer flexible pricing models.

Moreover, subscription agencies offer a wide range of skills, from web development, to design, marketing, creative direction, and more. A full-time freelancer is unlikely to possess all those skills. And the cost will be high. So, hiring a web designer (freelancer) can be risky.

In contrast to other web design companies, Nube cares a lot about its clients. Collaboration between you and our development agency is the key to success. A collaborative workforce is thus useful for both you and us working on different production stages.

As your full-service agency, we offer ongoing support with our pricing solutions. We help you with all your website needs once your new website is launched. That's why we don't just take your money and ignore your website. Seeing your website as a living thing is a joy for us.

But there is more.

People access the web on smaller devices like phones and tablets. So, we build responsive websites that work on any screen size.

We understand your vision from all angles. And the more we understand your vision, the better the website will be.

Yes, we partner with early-stage startups, businesses of different sizes, marketing and design agencies. We help funded start-ups revamp their visual identity and businesses of all sizes who needed top-notch design from the ground up.

We target companies in the U.S. and Europe that want to make their mark. Our web design and development services provide a solid backbone for the marketing efforts of start-ups and mature businesses alike.

For us, increasing your website speed is not a goal, but a standard.