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We help you get clear about who you are and what you are doing. Our digital branding experts craft brands that transform companies into visionaries with immense brand loyalty.

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Crafting a Wow moment
from day one

A profound connection with your brand is the driving force behind customer decisions. When customers feel that connection, the likelihood of making a purchase soars. 

We bring your brand consistency across all channels, a key strategy proven to boost profits. We understand the significance of fostering a shared culture built on common values. This shared culture is the catalyst for new customer behaviors; behaviors that can be measured by data and, in turn, drive sustainable growth. 

Once a brand achieves a cultural milestone and leaves a lasting impression on customers, it becomes an unforgettable entity. And statistics don’t lie. Meaningful brands will always outshine the temporary thrill with enduring impact.


Increased revenue

Brand consistency across all channels can boost profits by up to 23%. When customers feel connected to a digital brand, they are more likely to make a purchase.


Higher brand exposure

Businesses with a consistent brand image are 3.5x more likely to gain strong online visibility, which then results in the highest brand value and proposition.

Brand identity design

Our digital branding approach

From concept to brand culture that matters

At Nube, we infuse genuine curiosity into our digital branding approach to create user-centered designs that resonate deeply. With decade-long expertise in creating consistent brand identities, we lead the web design process from concept to execution with utmost care. We celebrate the full spectrum of digital branding — embracing brand audit and execution of a brand image — equally.

We understand that business evolves when a brand story establishes itself among people, forming a shared culture built on collective values. From crafting strategic positioning to steering art direction, we seamlessly integrate every aspect into a fully customized digital experience.

From vision to brand narrative that unites

Our process of brand-making ensures that every digital product or service embodies your brand's personality, becoming a constant reminder of the unique story it sustains. When the brand identity is displayed, and the story is communicated, each customer transaction becomes an essential confirmation of exceptional brand performance.

Our collaborative approach ensures that your brand becomes an integral part of the story your customers want to hear. We believe in building digital brands that not only stand out but also become a vibrant part of the cultural narratives they inspire and leave a lasting impact for the better.

Packed with benefits

Nube’s approach

Predictable pricing

We grow when you do, partners all the way. Therefore, we ensure your costs are consistent. No hidden fees, no shocks.

Unmatched flexibility

Your reliable partner for both short-term goals and long-term achievements. Always ready to morph into a team you require.

Expert Lead

Nothing but a stellar workforce. Webflow-certified developers and battle-tested designers make up 100% of our team.

Rapid speed

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver rapid results without compromising quality.

Almost instantaneous

No contracts, no fuss. We start as soon as you are subscribed and set up—without delay.

Streamlined coms

New requests and updates are just a message away on Signal or Figma comments.

Digital branding services

Digital branding services with a spirit of evolution

We define a brand as a feeling of deep connection as a result of lasting impressions. A big impact comes from the brand voice. Whether you are trying to build a brand to introduce a new initiative or redefine your business purpose, we will make your brand perform.

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Brand strategy

We are masters at highlighting our clients' brand differentiation points. At every touchpoint — we ensure that our clients' core messaging remains consistent.

Brand analysis & positioning
Market research
Visual language
Style guide & archetype
Digital guidelines
Values & assets development

Brand messaging

We craft a brand message with utmost precision and care, ensuring it emerges as a powerful force and propels your brand positioning and personality to new heights.

Brand audit & innovation
Strategically-led creative ideas
Brand language strategy
Community building
Brand voice & tone
Brand positioning statement

Brand architecture

We create brand architecture—a seamless map that intuitively and functionally connects your brand's various services or products—enhancing the overall brand experience.

Branded house
Brand equity
Clear strategy & deep research
House of brands
Brand culture & personality
Map application


If you want to get back into the game — whether your company's values are no longer reflected in your brand or your revenue has declined — we’ll ensure your brand emerges stronger.

Rebranding strategy
New brand positioning
Rebuilding identity
Creative development
Brand launch & improvement

Don’t just take our word for it

Jaime Deverall image
The whole team at Nube were incredibly impressive throughout the process of redesigning our brand and launching our website. I was especially impressed with the team's ability to digest our thoughts and feedback and then come back with an iterated wire frame or mock-up within a few days. I've worked with previous agencies in the past, and what differentiates Nube is that they seem to understand exactly what you want without needing to hand hold them. When it finally came time to building the website, the staging version came back within a week, which was super fast compared to my experience with other agencies. Overall, I strongly recommend working with Nube and am happy to chat with anybody interested in working with them.
Jaime Deverall
Co-founder & CTO
Tim Hoefnagel image
“Nube helped us migrate our corporate website into Webflow. They were great in communication and willing to go the extra mile. Would recommend their services to anyone!”
Tim Hoefnagel
Max Lu image
“They were detailed, attentive, and communicated elaborately throughout the entire design process. Even when met with tight deadlines and a difference in timezone, the project was executed within the discussed deadline.”
Max Lu
Aleksandar Đurić image
“One of the best people I ever had a chance to collaborate with. Easygoing, highly skilled, and driven. It's a pleasure to work with the team!”
Aleksandar Đurić
Product lead
Erik de Kock image
"Nube is a highly understanding partner in web(flow) development. They quickly grasp the priorities at hand and deliver according to expectations. They are very friendly in communication and always punctual. It was a pleasure working with them."
Erik de Kock
Product Marketing Manager
Jaime Deverall image
As a result of the success of Flychain, we continued to partner up with Nube for another project. It's just great to work with experts who understand your business and are able to complete the Webflow project on time. A special shoutout to Stefan whose responsiveness and high technical knowledge stood out. He went above and beyond, offering a level of commitment that truly sets his agency apart. Nube is definitely the fastest and most professional so far. If you are looking for a team to finish your Webflow site - this is your place to be. I would recommend their service to any startup 100%.
Jaime Deverall

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You ask. We answer.

The function of a branding agency is to offer clients a one-of-a-kind branding plan to help them conquer the market. Branding is the process of developing a company's logo, color palette, typography, brand book, detailed mockups, and other branding elements depending on the client’s needs.

Once the branding process is done, the branding agency hands over all design files in appropriate formats for easy implementation.

If you search for “brand identity” or “brand identity examples”, you’ll most likely find informational or how-to articles showcasing seven steps or four elements related to brand identity. Those four elements usually refer to brand identity, culture, image and personality. On the other hand, seven steps to build a brand could differ, but what you’ll find is something like this:

  1. Do market research.
  2. Choose your business name.
  3. Design your logo.
  4. Define your unique value proposition.
  5. Write your catchy slogan (heading).
  6. Choose the look and feel of your brand.
  7. Boost your online presence through your story.

But following blindly a set of generic rules in no given order doesn’t give you a brand you really want to build. In other words, “brand” has been commonly used as some super cool visual thing, but it’s more than that. To create a proper image and deploy its true essence, a reliable design agency needs to carefully go through each step until moving to the design stage.

Similarly to what P. Hughston said “A painting is like a story which triggers the imagination and pulls the mind into a place filled with wonder, expectation, excitement, and pleasure”, a brand could be easily compared to a painting. It tells a story and brings customers to their desired destination.

We can confidently say that the digital branding process cannot be easily divided into rigid steps or elements. Instead, it is much more important to tailor the branding procedure to meet the specific client’s needs, goals, and audience. But until reaching that point, each branding step must be well-thought by a brand designer.

At Nube, our team of digital branding experts has the experience to create a consistent brand image and bring in more clients. If you're ready to boost your brand, we'd be happy to set you apart from all the other competitors.

Branding is the well-thought process of generating a strong sense of belonging for customers to brands. Marketing is a set of objective-based tests, strategies, and actions based on brand identity to bring in more money.

The branding must be developed first, then the marketing comes into the game. Think of it as the brand is a basic foundation of your upcoming marketing campaign. A brand image must be the firm foundation of the marketing strategy.

A brand agency develops your brand by defining brand strategy, identity, and management. The final outcome is the design of your brand’s visual identity that should speak to the minds and hearts of your customers.

A marketing agency with its proven method of setting out objective-based tests helps clients reach their goals, such as increased conversion rate %, sales leads, organic search opportunities, ROI, and more.

Hiring a branding agency brings crucial benefits of having a strong brand. Those benefits give you an opportunity to increase brand recognition, image,  and performance. You can also improve customer loyalty, increase revenue and generate quality leads.

Designing brand identity and building a valuable brand image are the main steps for any business looking to thrive in both digital and physical spheres.

Compared to other digital web design agencies, Nube combines deep research and exceptional web design practices to build brands that will last.

All our websites look amazing and work flawlessly on every browser and device we test.

Moreover, our goal is also to ensure the values of your product or business are clear to your customers. We simply transform your brand into a companion that accompanies you on your business adventures.