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Flychain Case Study: Helping Revolutionize Healthcare Cash Flow Through Seamless Webflow Integration


The client

Established in 2021, Flychain focuses on helping healthcare providers get immediate cash for insurance claims. Their work addresses issues with the cash flow small healthcare businesses face so they can invest in their business growth sooner, whether it's hiring staff or getting new equipment. Flychain offers a range of solutions, including upfront claim payments, credit lines, and flexible financing for big expenses.

The reason

The partnership came into being as the result of deep mutual collaboration with MoVi. In other words, MoVi referred us to their partner, Flychain, since they also needed a reliable partner to help them develop a website. They already had a prepared design and came to us with the request to translate their vision into a website. The team wanted a solid Webflow development solution with which they could focus on adding new content or being involved in every small tweak. Our design team found the best solution before handing off completed designs and style guides to our developers, who then implemented them in Webflow.

The solution

The result was an immediate, impactful, and pixel-perfect Webflow site. By setting everything up in Webflow, we helped Flychain create a positive user experience and exceeded their expectations.

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2-10 employees
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