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Dominion Case Study: Crafting Dominion's Timeless Brand Identity for Asset Protection


The client

Dominion stands as a formidable network of financial and legal advisors distinguished by their commitment to an evidence-based asset protection strategy, ensuring the wealth is properly secured. The company was founded by Evan Thomsen who have experience in wealth protection. The team offers a comprehensive plan for wealth, enabling better asset protection which is the key to financial piece of mind. They operate under wide range of jurisdictions, including Wyoming (USA), Delaware (USA), British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Seychelles, Singapore, Malaysia, Labuan and Australia.

The reason

In alignment with Dominion's vision of advanced wealth planning, our task was to craft a minimally viable brand and a resilient website. Drawing inspiration from art history, our approach delved into the cultural legacies of Rome, Greece, and Chinese dynasties. By incorporating pictures infused with classical monumentality and nobility, we forged Dominion's identity which is inextricably bound to the depth, delight, and power of these cultures. This thoughtful integration of visual orchestral poetry into the brand narrative not only honors the past but also positions Dominion as a timeless and enduring force in the financial landscape.

The solution

The result is a versatile, progressive brand identity system that showcases the core messages of the asset protection strategy in a recognizable yet artsy way. “Dominion Serif” is a custom font used as an extensive visual language. The deliberate use of disconnected and broken shapes within the font artfully mirrors the diverse protective possibilities inherent in Dominion's mission. Through playful typography, the prominent use of dark colors, and artsy resonance, we instilled authenticity, personality, and enormous creativity into the design that will live and breathe day-to-day. The partnership with Dominion was highly collaborative and we’re sure they’ll hit the mark, effectively communicating and spreading their mission across the world.

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51-200 employees
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