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Tensec Case Study: Developing the Tensec’s Website From the Ground up


The client

Founded in 2023, Tensec is a new, global fintech making it easy for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to thrive in global trade. Simply put, they connect global real-time payment networks to move money across borders fast, so their clients don’t have to invest time with endless phone calls and antiquated paper-based processes. Tensec founders have guided startups from inception to successful exits aiming to disrupt the $50 trillion cross-border B2B financial services industry. Those global teams work at major organizations including PayPal, Credit Karma, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Tensec’s diverse global team, with members in New York, San Francisco, and São Paulo, is backed by top venture capital firms like Costanoa Ventures and Quiet Capital.

The reason

When Tensec approached Nube for help, they had a clearly defined design and saw Webflow as a potential tool for further development. We laid out a two-week plan and embarked on a journey to create a seamless, functional Webflow site. We utilized our strong dedication to details and exceptional quality in order to develop a pixel-perfect Webflow site that would help Tensec in its mission to transparent global money movement.

The solution

The result is a seamless, frictionless, and easily accessible Webflow site that ensures safe payment transmission. We acknowledged what it meant to craft the best user experience for the people who praise FX technology. And if we didn’t embrace the seamless Webflow dev we would disappoint those who believe in the bright future of global financial services. Using the power of Webflow, we succeded in creating a user-friendly experience where Tensec clients can benefit from transparent global money movement.

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