Top 7 Benefits of UX Design Subscription for Startups

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In the ever-changing startup environment, UX design subscription services can offer the best value for the startup’s brand reputation. And since 1 in 3 visitors directly navigates the domains of top-ranking pages, a startup's robust online presence hinges on the reliability of a proficient design subscription agency.

Most startups, however, cannot hire experienced UX designers because of their limited budget. Luckily, a design subscription agency can reduce costs significantly.

This article explains the seven benefits of UX design subscriptions for startups in great depth. Plus, it provides the key factors for choosing the right design subscription agency.

You’ll get a clearer picture of why UX design is a critical component for a startup to impact its key metrics and attract investors.


  • Many startups prefer subscription design services over freelancers or graphic design agencies due to their cost savings, flexibility, transparency, and reliability of in-house team.
  • Subscription UX design services improve brand reputation, KPIs, overall business success, and fast market share for startups.
  • Startups that prioritize investing can experience three times higher revenue growth than those that don't.

A Brief Introduction to Design Subscription Services

Design subscription services use reliable methods to help businesses get a robust online presence avoiding traditional per-project or per-hour pricing models.

For example, when you subscribe to a specific design plan offered by a subscription agency, this is what you get:

  • In-house team in a matter of no time (instead of the painful process of hiring freelancers or unreliable agencies that could take months)
  • Predictability & transparency rooted in a flat monthly fee (instead of unpredictable billable hours or a quoted project)
  • Close collaboration that keeps you up-to-date (instead of a lack of communication that could result in missed deadlines and low-quality work)
  • Sustainable growth that will lead to a predictable revenue stream (instead of excessive growth that could cause cash flow mistakes)

But before you subscribe to the website design and development services, here are all the benefits of investing in UX design you should be familiar with.

Top 7 Advantages of UX Design Subscriptions for Startups

The main benefits of UX design to startups are getting to market fast and making a good first impression on the users.

Explore more below.

1. UX Design Helps Your Startup Appear in Moments of User Discovery

A great UX design creates a more visual and engaging experience for users and enables you to bring your products and brands to the forefront.

For example, let’s say a searcher types in “how to protect assets from lawsuit” or “asset protection strategies”. Your startup has a tailored approach to asset protection and its online presence was built on the ground up by a design subscription agency.

Key elements of a user-friendly Dominion homepage showcasing how website visitors can easily navigate through this startup's website

Because UX design is exceptional and content is relevant, answering the user intent behind a search query, it is more likely that people will find the startup’s website via Google search.

2. UX Design Ensures a Positive First Impression

A well-designed startup's web presence not only enhances your sales but also makes a positive first impression on your customers.

There are several user experience factors that impact user’s decisions. In fact, users form an opinion about your website in about 50 milliseconds(0.05 seconds). This will directly affect their decision to stay or leave.

So, it is more likely that they will choose another site offering similar products or services if the UX is poor.

For example, First Input Delay (FID) can affect higher SERP rankings, according to SemRush. The First Input Delay indicates the duration a user waits for a response from the interface following their initial click.

The First Input Delay shows how long users wait for a response after their initial click on a user-friendly or poor interface.

Any task that takes a long time to complete, such as clicking on a clickable element in the browser, will eventually lead to a negative first impression. And only UX design experts can prevent this poor interactivity and improve the time the browser responds to specific interaction.

3. UX Design Increases Mobile and Website Traffic

Mobile-first design is vital since the number of smartphone mobile network subscriptions is expected to surpass 7.7 billion by 2028.

To connect with your customers, convert leads faster, increase traffic and maximize your profits, you first need to give your users a seamless experience.

UX designers are aware of the fact that usage of mobile devices is widespread, so they meticulously craft both web and mobile interfaces.

The example of web and mobile interfaces.

For example, there are some web elements that simply do not fit well to the smallest screen size. To prevent this issue, proficient UX designers sketch or prototype the intuitive navigation for each type of screen size and test everything afterward.

4. UX Design Increases Conversion Rates

A conversion-friendly design increases conversion rates by making the user experience as smooth as possible, focusing on pain points users encounter while navigating an app or website.

Designers must ensure that users have confidence when taking actions.

An uninterrupted experience is what you expect while taking steps through the website to finish some action and reach your goals, right?

Let’s see an actual user experience example. Assume you want to subscribe to the design service, but you’re not sure which solution or pricing plan you want.

By navigating to the individual pages of each service (e.g., Nube as or Nube for), you'll have a better chance to understand the full spectrum of services it provides.

The dropdown menu on Nube's homepage.

The Pricing page is your final destination, but before you choose one of the plans listed there, you need to consider the cost, features, and capabilities that each one offers.

You'll find all that information by navigating between individual tabs (i.e., Full Stack, Webflow only, Design only).

The example showcasing the user-friendly interface that increases conversions.

The bottom line is that design work must be done with great attention to detail in order to provide the best user journey possible and improve the likelihood of a new website visitor to convert.

5. UX Design Improves a Startup’s Reputation

When your customers feel satisfied with your product or service, you not only cultivate their trust but Google's too.

Trust is one of the key components in Google's E-A-T framework, so it’s super important to ensure customers are happy at all times. And customers can only trust a startup that has a reputable site developed by a proficient design subscription service.

So, how does UX contribute strategically to the startup's success?

A well-executed UX strategy can enhance a startup's product development process to attract and retain customers, contributing to long-term success.

For example, Squeezely is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that keeps innovating and exploring the possibilities of online personalization. It addresses the needs of marketing users by developing an innovative cross-channel marketing approach.

This approach gives users better insights into their visitor’s purchasing behavior and helps them achieve higher levels of innovation and marketing personalization. And the more Squeezely grows, the more loyal customers it gets—all thanks to UX design implementations.

6. UX Design Helps You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Going ahead of the competition requires a UX strategy that has to be grounded on the user journey. The design team must understand competitor’s unique selling points (USPs) so startups can discover growth opportunities easily.

Compare, for instance, RoseHosting and FastComet hosting providers. Although it's not a real startup example, it will help you understand why it is super-important to highlight your key values on your website to exceed your competition.

RoseHosting has made customer service a top priority and that can be seen in the customer reviews. As their customer revealed: “Kudos to the incredible support team—always prompt, knowledgeable, and ready to assist.”

On the other hand, FastComet, its main organic competitor, received some negative comments regarding an unreliable support team. However, they have a higher number of star ratings than RoseHosting.

In fact, recent research by SemRush states that the reputation and number of star ratings matter in terms of higher search engine rankings.

The Fastcomet homepage example highlighting reputation by showcasing higher star ratings.

So, RoseHosting differentiates itself by providing top-notch customer service, always ready to answer; which is something that they should highlight on their first section of the homepage to strengthen trust and attract more customers. And FastComet is already doing pretty well in highlighting its number of star ratings on the homepage.

The conclusion? Only exceptional design subscription agencies can help increase the real market share by carefully planning what information should appear on the website and where.

7. UX Design Fosters Positive User Feedback

User feedback is essential for any startup to help them see what to improve. That’s when a subscription service becomes super-helpful.

For example, our in-house team always starts the workflow with research, and testing, while keeping startups updated during all stages.

A UX design agency understands how users interact with a startup’s service or product in real-world scenarios by utilizing data-driven decisions on each design and development stage.

Let's delve into a real-life scenario to illustrate this point.

In the interwar period, European architects were well-versed in the arrangement and harmonious connection of interior spaces.

Positioning the hall as the central focal point—seamlessly linking various living areas and facilitating interaction among residents—architects improved the functionality of spaces.

In other words, the hall was designed to make a lasting impression on visitors (guests). Every detail is carefully examined to create a memorable first impression.

The way architects positioned the hall as the central focal point to help provide the best resident experience.

The same thing applies to a site map. A sitemap is a file that contains all information about the web pages, showcasing the relationships between them in a hierarchical way.

Yet the homepage always serves as the central focal point (just like the hall in architecture from the interwar period). It holds a pivotal position and is meticulously designed to make a lasting impact on guests (visitors).

Every startup website benefits greatly from having a sitemap.

For example, Google will crawl its site more efficiently. That’s why UX designers must pay attention to it carefully.

Here is the sitemap example illustrating hierarchical relationships between our web pages.

Sitemap file illustrating hierarchical relationships between web pages.

When users find a service easy to navigate, understand, and use, it naturally leads to long-term customer relationships. Happy customers are more likely to come back for more, provide positive feedback and recommend the service to others.

6 Key Factors to Identify the Right Design Subscription Service

As every business owner is looking for success, the initial pursuit might be driven by the speed of growth. Nevertheless, as any business expands, it becomes imperative to dive into substantial ideas that go above and beyond. Both cases require the use of a design subscription service.

Nowadays, there are numerous design subscription agencies, making it difficult to choose the right one. Here are the main factors to consider:

  1. Scalable Solutions: Ensure the agency has enough expertise and offers plug-and-play solutions that can help you scale further at your own pace.
  2. Transparent Pricing: You should never let a subscription service lock you down in rigid plans. Instead, opt for flexible and transparent pricing.
  3. Predictability: Ensure that your design subscription team keeps you informed from the start to the end of the project.
  4. High-Quality: Check out case studies to see the quality of their work.
  5. Unlimited Graphic Designs: Choose a design subscription service that lets you add as many design requests as you like, as well as providing full service web development.
  6. Delivery: To ensure smooth collaboration, you must provide constructive feedback, and, in turn, the design agency must deliver efficiently.

Lastly, the right design subscription service must do extensive user research to understand your business deeply.


You’ve seen that it is not easy to find a reliable UI/UX designer for your startup. The good news is that unlimited web design services adopted a more flexible policy, enabling startups to deliver the best user experiences.

The advantages of UX design can unlock the full potential of your startup idea. This can lead to increased conversion rates, positive first impressions, better visibility, strengthened brand identity, and can give you a competitive advantage. All that for a lower cost, without the commitment of expensive contracts or full-time hires.

Want to have unlimited design experience and craft a compelling startup website? The web design subscription model is the right choice for you.

Help your startup or SaaS growth right here.

You ask. We answer.

Why is UX Important for startups?

UX design serves as the focal point in a startup's strategy, helping their product or service shine in front of their users.

In the same way, a waterfall starts to shine at a focal point—a hard rocky ledge—where water gracefully cascades into a plunge pool. Without this rocky edge, the majestic appearance of a waterfall is absent. And startups cannot exist nor establish a majestic presence without UX design.

What if I don’t have a budget for a good UX design?

If you have a limited budget, you should opt for a design subscription agency. Compared to high rates that come with agencies, or freelancers, design subscriptions help you get even better UX design quality at a lower cost.

How does a design subscription service save money?

For example, you can pause your subscription anytime you want and continue again once you feel ready. You can also cancel your subscription whenever you desire. With the best design subscription agencies, there are no hidden fees or penalties for canceling, meaning that your subscription won't renew starting the next month.

This gives you much more flexibility compared to conventional per-project or per-hour billing structures.

Why do startups need to invest in UX design?

Startups need to invest in UX design because there is no other path to success. This certainly comes with challenges, but the best part is that startups get enhanced brand reputation, user loyalty, sustained growth or they attract serious investors fast.

Rea is a versatile SEO writer with over 3 years of experience. At Nube, she devotes a high degree of attention to content focused on Webflow and design to establish topical authority in this field.