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Squeezely Case Study: Elevating Real-Time Marketing Excellence SaaS Through Webflow


The client

Squeezely is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that arms users with high-quality customer data to build personalized experiences with ease and convert more visitors. They aim to help users identify website visitors and automatically merge their data into one centralized customer overview.

The reason

When Squeezely initially approached us, their goal was to migrate their old website from WordPress to Webflow. What followed immediately after was a long-term partnership that helped them grow bigger. In the subsequent phases, we not only successfully executed the migration but actively contributed to the design of multiple web pages. We also expanded their online presence with additional web developments, and undertook regular maintenance tasks. Besides that, our team took the lead in developing a site redesign, showcasing a detailed approach and longevity of our collaborative workflow.

The solution

Our collaboration with Squeezely yielded exceptional outcomes, delivering a fast and stable Webflow site. We created a paradise-like destination for their marketing team, rooted in Webflow, and unlocked the door to real-time marketing capabilities. Beyond the migration, our role evolved into that of a reliable partner, standing by Squeezely when new challenges arose. This ongoing support ensures that Squeezely can navigate challenges seamlessly and continuously optimize its digital presence for sustained success. In January 2024, we will celebrate 3 years of fruitful collaboration.

Webflow, Web design
Webflow development, Webflow migration, Website maintenance, UX design
Advertising Services
Company size
11-50 employees
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Squeezey's Homepage highlights simple aesthetics and intuitive browsing.
Squezeely's Webpages, featuring polished visuals and seamless navigation experience
Squezeely's simple to use dashboard
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