HOSEA Branding showcase

Hosea Case Study: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Housing with UX Design and Branding


The client

Hosea is a future-oriented brand aimed at innovating sustainable housing. Their conviction is grounded in the belief that harmony between homes and their environments will lead to a happier and healthier planet in the future. The famous Frank Lloyd Wright’ thought, “Organic buildings are the strength and lightness of the spiders' spinning, buildings qualified by light, bred by native character to environment, married to the ground,” aligns perfectly with Hosea’s mission. Hosea is strongly dedicated to building homes that are not just functional but also sustainable, providing better living conditions for household members.

The reason

Our team worked closely with Hosea to create a minimal yet striking brand identity that reflects their commitment to crafting sustainable living spaces. Our branding and digital design services helped Hosea develop a strong visual identity that is poised to help them successfully launch and raise funds at the speed of light.

The solution

Through exceptional design solutions, we empowered Hosea to foster positive change in sustainable housing. Just as these sustainable homes challenge conventions, our detailed approach to building Hosea's brand identity followed suit. With a commitment to functionality and sustainability, our team translated their two core concepts—the house of the future and the future of the house—into a compelling brand identity.

Digital branding
Logo, Brand essentials, Identity guide
Company size
2-10 employees
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