colliding the worlds of creative and effective

A unique blend of creative flair and technical know-how.

A powerhouse dedicated to transforming unique ideas into unforgettable experiences.

Nube is the independent design and development agency founded by Stefan and Lenka. Based anywhere, since 2019. Between our experts, we have a wide range of experience, on projects large and small.  Together, we bring an intentional creative flair and technical know-how to digital, with the goal of creating easy-to-use, well-crafted impactful digital experiences.

We help unique ideas get unique visuals. Aiming to create first-class creative digital experiences that are systemic, accessible, actionable, and measurable. Covering a variety of solutions, ranging from web design and development to brand identity systems.

Also, selected as one of Top Web Design Agencies in Wyoming

our values

In a world of hurry and distraction, we strive to be intentional.

Clearly communicate

We are here to provide you our best, as long as passion is mutual. As we strongly believe that most conflicts  happen when words stay unspoken. Following that all of our services and intentions are always 100% honest, upfront and communicated with clarity. And we expect the same from you.

Strive to Inspire

As a powerhouse full of both creative and technical skills, we believe in bridging the gaps between design, development and marketing. We've been where you are, launched hundreds of sites and pushed the boundaries, therefore we strive to inspire you to think bigger, aim higher, and believe.

Stay team oriented

After all, being a team player will always bring all of us to the highest of results. Therefore, everyone on the team, both ours and yours, is treated as the most valuable asset. That way we can all grow with each project, and ensure that we all get nothing but the best results.

Nothing by good vibes

Music and good vibes are a must-have on every path to success; therefore, we nurture positive vibes and great moods every step of the way. Check out our playlist.

Vibe with us


Minds that never stop manifesting.

A portrait of Stefan, co-founder of Nube

Stefan / co-founder

Spreading calm energy

Calm spirit that never stops building. Expert in web design and development always focused on progressive output across various mediums and verticals.

A portrait of Lenka, co-founder of Nube

Lenka / co-founder

Spreading love and laughter

Never resting spirit, always ready to spread love and laugh. Driven and inspired by great typography and vibrant hex codes. Art director, illustrator, and storyteller by heart.